Every business needs a website to stay agile and achieve profitability. And websites need to have customized quality software to run their business operations online. While developing a website and writing codes in PHP or other open source languages or installing custom-developed software are bound to affect the website and its smooth functioning because of bugs malwares, and viruses. It is here the QA Testing has become an integral part of any business running online.

Kate Technologies has capabilities to provide software testing and QA services ensuring your website free from any bugs, malwares and viruses. We have highly trained testing professionals, whose experience in the field is unmatched in the industry. We, at Kate Technologies deploy and deliver the best of unique software testing solutions and methodologies in testing and QA services. Right from programming software to applications development, mobile applications, and several custom designed software applications, including its complex architecture, we test everything thoroughly. We provide manual and or automation testing services. Our testing and QA services include hardware, software, systems, mobile applications, desktop applications, gaming applications, database, cloud migration, network security and functioning, web applications, enterprise applications, E-Commerce, integrations, frameworks, performance fine-tuning, and device compatibility etc.

Our testing services also include compatibility testing, mobility testing, functional testing, accessibility testing, selenium testing, regression testing, acceleration and so on.

Kate Technologies always stays agile and updates itself with the latest methodologies and strategies in Testing services. Our QA testing services increases the performance of websites and reduces the costs and risks a great deal.

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