Developing websites in PHP has become more popular with businesses across the world. PHP is a server-side scripting language having flexibility to run on Windows, Linux and UNIX servers. It has innumerable applications which are agile and dynamic in nature and perfectly blends with several database languages such as MySQL.

As we know that websites, without its databases being flexible, compatible and dynamic are useless and are of no use. It is this PHP that holds the websites together making them more flexible, useful and easy to access. Both PHP and MySQL are compatible with Apache server. All these technologies come free with no fee whatsoever. Besides, PHP is versatile, easy to deploy, its codes run faster than ASP, takes less time in loading, and is supported by a large number of libraries, which makes PHP all the more popular with billions of business houses.

At Kate Technologies, we hire only the best of brains in PHP whose core skills has seen several websites of our clients go agile attaining scalability in performance. Our skilled experienced PHP Developers has the capabilities to develop websites with user-friendly innovative functions and integrations making the websites all the more powerful with backend systems being robust and secured. We, at Kate Technologies has tremendous expertise in developing SPA - single page application, responsive websites, E-commerce websites, mobile-compliant websites, PHP-based database websites, blogs, and CMS in PHP, and conversion of websites into E-commerce.

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