Mobile Applications

Android Mobile Application Development

Today, billions of people around the world are using mobile phones for their shopping needs on the internet. Not only for shopping, mobile phones are being used for interaction on social networking sites exchanging, and sharing pictures and images, chatting, texting and messaging and meetings and so on. To capture their respective customers on mobile phones, approximately 90 percent of the business houses across the world have gone mobile selling their products and services through custom-designed mobile apps.

Kate Technologies has an experienced team of Android Mobile Apps Development whose expertise and core skills in converting business websites into responsive mobile apps compliant. We develop Android applications having complete stack of OS, Applications, Middleware, including 2D and 3D graphics, built-in APIs for inserting, deleting, querying, and updating interface, sharing of data across apps like address book, photo-gallery built-in apps and user-friendly apps.

When Kate Technologies develop Android mobile apps, it fit screens of all sizes with the right kind of customizable operating features making it the most user-friendly. Our team of Android Apps Developers integrate the business goals and objectives of our clients while converting or designing new mobile apps-based websites enabling them to capture their respective customers through compelling leads on Android Mobile Apps. For any industry segment such as health, education, fitness, games, music, videos, entertainment, insurance, hospitality businesses, we are capable of developing Android Applications with robust high-end functionality features in a flawless eco-system.

We, at Kate Technologies are capable of designing every kind of functionality and category in Android Apps including steering wheel controls for the car with new voice actions and simple interface designs.

IOS Mobile Application Development

Businesses having their own custom-designed iOS mobile apps development can help their businesses in a great way in capturing their prospective customers online through iPhone mobile application development. Custom-designed iOS mobile application for your website opens up vast opportunities to multiply your business results multi-fold. We, at Kate Technologies develop iOS mobile applications to help business houses across the world to improvise their sales networking, manage inventories, generate sales leads, employee engagement, and promote products and services online, robust e-commerce solutions. Our iOS mobile apps have many more advantageous features which give an exciting user experience to mobile users and your customers in understanding your products and services.

We, at Kate Technologies have enough expertise to develop the right kind of iOS mobile apps with relevance to your business goals and objectives. Our mobile apps development services enhances the customer interaction, makes visible your products and services to your prospective customers all the time thus creating a niche market for your products and services, provide value to your customers through effective interaction, build brand value and recognition to your Company. For all industry segments which include education, hospitality, entertainment, health, insurance, E-Commerce, and responsive websites we provide robust foolproof iOS mobile apps development to our eminent clients across the world

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