ERP and Salesforce

Kate Architected Next-Gen ERP Solutions and Strategies

Kate Technologies, the best in class digital technology company based in Hyderabad offer excellent next-gen ERP strategies and applications to our clients businesses to improve their operational performance at every level and stage. Our qualitative Enterprise Resource Planning applications and implementations further sustain the momentum of operational enhancements.

We have achieved tremendous successes in implementing our unique ERP solutions for our clients businesses and we owe our success to the fact that we understand the challenges our clients face in running their businesses.

Our ERP applications, solutions, software packages manage day-to-day business activities which include accounting, procurement, project management and manufacturing. Our ERP systems solutions are architected data gathered from multiple activities and bringing it on a common data structure defining solutions for our clients businesses. Our ERP systems perfectly enable the flow of data between several business processes bringing them on a single platform in a quick time. It further eliminates data duplication giving only the requisite needed data that enhances business performance.

The bottom-line of our ERP solutions and systems is that businesses are able to align separate departments and improve workflow, resulting in significant business profitability.

Some of the specialties of our Next-gen ERP Solutions

It creates enterprise reports with dynamic attractive visuals which translate into meaningful comprehensive reports. The other specialties include enhanced collaboration at all levels, improvised efficiency to a great extent, reduced risk, great savings on management and operational costs all sustain consistent business growth.

Increase Your Sales by 45% with Salesforce CRM

Kate Technologies, one of the top world class digital technology company provides Salesforce Customer Relationship Management to various business houses, corporates, organizations and institutes to organize their sales and marketing processes in a systematic manner to increase their business efficiency and maximize profitability. The reports it generates are faster, professional, accurate, and timely which helps you to manage and organize your sales and strategies.

Our Salesforce Customer Relationship Management comprises salesforce automation, marketing automation, customer service & support, productivity tools, digital commerce and analytics, application development, and IoT integration. It helps business houses to connect with their customers on cloud, mobile, data science technologies, social. It also helps third parties to develop additional functionality and new apps that run on its platform and other developer tools.

Our Salesforce CRM perfectly automates marketing strategies and sales processes. It collects all the information from several sources onto a single platform to be accessed instantaneously. This saves a lot of time and reduces the efforts and further strongly establishes relationships with the customers. It also simplifies and helps in addressing complains and queries of your customers and further evaluates the performance on sales front. Our Salesforce CRM puts every employee in the know about the tasks and jobs need to be completed.

Our Salesforce CRM helps increase your sales productivity by 35 percent with forecast accuracy being somewhere near 50 percent. Put together our Salesforce CRM strategies increases your profitability by at least 40 percent.

Maximo Implementation Services

Kate provides comprehensive Maximo implementations focused on delivering short-term and long-term value. Our implementation solutions include: business process/gap analysis, integration services, data conversion, consulting, training, change management and system configuration.

Maximo Upgrade Services

Kate provides complete Maximo® upgrade services to transition you to version 6.x or 7.x of Maximo. We use a proven Maximo upgrade methodology and perform all analysis of the data, configurations and interfaces in a lab environment.

Maximo Audits and Assessments

A detailed assessment of your current processes and situation. The assessment serves to define the gap between your current state, desired state and industry best practices. All Kate assessments deliver not only a documented current state but also a complete plan forward for improvement, ranked by return-on-investment.

Maximo Support

Kate MASS (Maximo Application Support Service) is a standard Kate service in use by a large number of Canadian and USA IBM Maximo clients. The MASS program can be tailored to suite your needs and can cover a variety of Maximo professional services including implementation support, technical troubleshooting, patches/upgrades, report development and general system administration.

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